Contact Info

Address: 10 Necco St, Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617.426.1556
Service Type: Self Park & Valet
Location Type: Indoor

Entrance Hours:
Garage open 24 hours a day

Parking Rates

Monthly Passes:
Non Reserved $425.00
Public Area: 3rd - 6th Floor
Reserved $565.00
Dedicated Spot: 1st - 2nd Floor
On Street Reserved $445.00
Reverse Commute* $150.00
*In after 4pm out before 9am M-F, all day Sat & Sun

Current Rates:

Up to 1/2 hr $7.00
1/2 hr - 1 hr $12.00
1 hr - 1½ hrs $19.00
1½ hrs - MAX $25.00
Early Bird* $22.00
*In before 8am out before 6pm
Weekends $5.00/Day
Sleep Over Rate** $10.00
**In after 4pm out before 9am

Garage max rates resets at 5:30 AM
Chaser Tickets:
Restaurant validations available for Blue Dragon, Bastille Kitchen and Oak & Rowan. $5 w/ Chaser ticket
*Valid with entry after 5pm out and exit before 1am. Chaser provided by the restaurant.
Daily Chaser Tickets $250/Ten pack

Monthly Parking

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